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ENOC: safety and fundamental rights are at stake for children on the move

26 January 2016

On 25 January 2016, the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children (ENOC) published a report entitled 'Safety and fundamental rights at stake for children on the move'. This report is a first product of a joint research on the main safety risks and concerns about access to rights for children on the move in Europe.

ENOC is deeply concerned about the critical situation of children on the move in Europe. The report shows that fundamental principles of children's rights are violated in European States and that States are failing to protect children travelling through Europe. While travelling with their families or unaccompanied, children often face malnutrition, physical and mental suffering, health and welfare problems, lack of information and insecurity. Once children have arrived in the country of destination, access to a safe living environment, education and physiological counselling is not assured.

According to ENOC, the situation of children on the move in Europe can only improve if the best interests of every individual child is a central consideration in all policies on migration. The best interests should be enshrined in every process affecting these children. At this moment, there is too little attention for the best interests of the child in asylum procedures, border controls and humanitarian aid to European and third countries.

ENOC appeals to the European Commission to initiate a comprehensive European Action Plan for children on the move.   Please find the report here

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