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SCEP partners involved in the project
Save the Children-Italy
Defence for Children-ECPAT the Netherlands

24 months: 1 October 2013-1 October 2015

Project description: Protection First: early identification, protection and assistance of child victims and at risk of trafficking and exploitation
Save the Children Italy, together with Defence for Children - the Netherlands, Organizatia Salvati Copiii (Save the Children Romania) and two other Italian NGOs have worked together on this 24 months project. The project has pursued a threefold aim: to improve knowledge on child trafficking; to increase the capacity of relevant actors to protect, support and assist child victims or at risk of trafficking and exploitation; to enable children to assess their own situation with the help of self-assessment and awareness-raising tools.  

Briefing paper
A briefing paper was presented which entails the main findings and recommendations. These recommendations are addressed to the European Commission and to the key actors involved in the development of policies and practices for improved identification and protection of child victims of trafficking and exploitation. The recommendations are formed general enough to allow each stakeholder to integrate them within their own frame of competences.  

Awareness raising tool (Italy), please click here
Early identification tool (Italy), please click here
Self-assessment tool (Italy), please click here 

Awareness raising tool (Netherlands), please click here
Early identification tool (Netherlands), please click here
Self-assessment tool (Netherlands), please click here

Awareness raising tool (Romania), please click here
Early identification tool (Romania), please click here
Self-assessment tool (Romania), please click here

More information Viviana Coppola (Save the Children Italy): [email protected] or Laura Bosch (Defence for Children-ECPAT The Netherlands): [email protected]

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SCEP partners involved in the project
Defence for Children International - the Netherlands

October 2011 - April 2013 

Project description
The project "GATE - Guardians Against Trafficking and Exploitation" aims to increase the capacity of the guardianship systems in 4 EU countries (Italy, Greece, Cyprus, the Netherlands) to protect separated children against trafficking and exploitation.
After a preliminary analysis of existing guardianship and protection systems in each national context, and once their effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) in protecting children and in preventing their being exploited or becoming victims of trafficking is assessed. The project objectives are:
 1)    To identify the risk and protection factors for separated children in order to prevent trafficking and exploitation phenomena,
2)    To empower guardians (and other stakeholders) in their professional role,
3)    To enhance policies in this field at national and EU level. 
And are connected with the following actions:
1)     Implementation of a training guide and trainings of trainer sessions for guardians,
2)     Elaboration of national and EU standards and recommendations,
3)     Dissemination of project's results in 19 EU countries through an international conference and an online web-based resource centre.

More information

Project Disappearing Children

The project aims to analyse the possibilities and search for responses to a basic question: How the disappearances of separated children from the children homes can be avoided, reduced and/ or prevented?

As part of the project we conduct desk-research (including comparative research) and field research (including interviews with relevant authorities and with former separated children still living in Slovakia). As trafficking can be obviously one of the reasons of the dissapearance of these children from children homes we are also trying to find out more information about possible trafficking of some of these children to Western Europe, in which case Slovakia could be a „transit" country in the trafficking routes. Project duration is September 2013 – February 2015. 

Project Disappearing children has been supported with the amount of 36 000 € by the Fund for Non-governmental organizations funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014. The Open Society Foundation is the administrator of the Fund. The aim of the project Disappearing children is the Support to Democratic Values including the human rights.

Project Promotion of the Rights of Trafficked Persons in Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia with Emphasis on Legal Support – A Human Rights-Based Approach

Partners involved in the project
ANIMUS Association, Bulgaria; Ruse Catholic Organization "Caritas", Bulgaria; Human Rights League, Slovakia; ADPARE – The Association for Developing Alternative Practices for Reintegration and Education, Romania; Pro Refugiu Association, Romania

Objectives and results
The project aims at:
•    Increasing knowledge of Bulgarian, Slovakian and Romanian lawyers and social workers on trafficking and the protection of the rights and interests of trafficked persons, while promoting a victim centred approach
•    Enhancing victims' access to legal counselling, aid and representation during criminal and other legal proceedings, relevant to their specific needs
•    Increasing the capacity and quality of victim support and counselling services provided by NGOs
•    Enhancing the capacity of NGOs to effectively advocate for the protection and promotion of victims' rights

The following results are expected:
•    Three national reports on the access to & quality of legal counselling and representation of trafficked persons and their treatment as victim/witnesses in criminal and other legal proceedings
•    Joint regional report, analysing the outcomes of the national researches and providing recommendations
•    A sustainable network of trained social workers and lawyers
•    At least two case studies per country on the treatment of trafficked persons in court cases
•    A leaflet for victims of trafficking to inform them about their rights and contact data

Separated Children in Europe Programme (SCEP) - coordinated by Defence for Children The Netherlands - PO BOX 11103 - 2301 EC - Leiden - 0031 (0)71 516 09 80 - [email protected]