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Aims and goals

SCEP's vision

The vision of the Separated Children in Europe Programme (SCEP) is that the rights of all separated children entering or travelling across Europe will be realised; in particular, they will be protected, their well-being and development will be promoted, they will have opportunities to develop their full potential and they will participate in a meaningful way in the development of policies and practices that impact upon their lives. To realize the vision, the Separated Children in Europe Programme aims to bring about real and lasting change to the lives of the separated children.

Overall aim

SCEP's overall aim is to promote a greater recognition and realisation of the rights of separated children and to support the raising of standards in all policies, practices and services that impact upon them.     


There are many issues that relate to the denial of the rights of separated children within Europe. However the SCEP network has decided to prioritize and focus on the following objectives:

1. All separated children must be offered the appointment of a guardian whose duties and status will fully comply with the programme's Statement of Good Practice (SGP)
2. The detention of separated children will cease
3. Age assessment processes will comply with both the spirit and the practice outlined in the programme's SGP
4. States will draw up, implement and adequately resource strategies aimed at the prevention of trafficking of children and the provision of adequate care and protection for child victims of trafficking. All separated children who are trafficked must be seen as children and as victims rather than criminals; their welfare must be safeguarded and promoted
5. The return and reintegration of separated children will only take place where this can be demonstrated to be in the child's best interest, having taken into account the views of the child as outlined in the CRC
6. The implementation of a best interest of the child determination procedure for separated children in Europe

SCEP will realize the 6 objectives by striving to:
 Raise awareness of relevant issues and their impact upon separated children.
 Inform and influence relevant policy makers, at both national and European level, on the impact of their policies and practices upon separated children.
 Enhance the skills and knowledge base of relevant practitioners and inform the development and delivery of direct services in regard to both the protection and well being needs of separated children.
 Listen to, empower, and involve separated children in the development of our work.
 Work in thematic groups that reflect the objectives.

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